Boho Camel Styled Shoot

When launching Forever A Moment events, my biggest passion was to create ‘Forever Moments’. Those moments that stick out in your mind for the rest of your life, the moments that take your breath away, the moments that make your guests sit back in awe.

Photographer: Match Made Photography

When I was approached by Cherrod from Match Made Photography to help her style and plan a shoot at Summer Land Camels, I didn’t even have to think before saying yes.

We set a date and had one month to pull it all together with only a handful of suppliers Which meant it was all systems go, let me tell you.

A site visit completed, we fell in love with the idea of shooting at sunset. The mountains in the background and the sun setting over our gorgeous couple was that Forever Moment. After chatting to the camel trainers we were advised against shooting at sunset, because it’s feeding time for the camels and they often don’t like to behave. A shoot they did a few weeks prior to us ended up with a model falling off a camel and an ambulance being called. Not what we were aiming for at all!

So the decision was quickly made that the shoot would be shot at sunrise, ensuring the camels were ready to go and we would still get the sun shots we were hoping for. This meant a very very early start to drive the hour out to the venue, setup and get our couple photo ready.

We were on a roll, we pulled together our vision board within a few days of our initial meeting and were emailing potential suppliers left right and centre to lock them in. The more we got into the planning process, the more the vision was coming together and I could picture it in my mind.

During my styling process, this step is so important. When I start out with an event, it starts out as just individual elements. It can often take a few days in my head to pull together the vision and start picturing it. Once I can see the vision, adding in my final touches happens so easily.

Planning of the shoot had a few hiccups as we went through. Trying to find vendors that were happy to work with the early start and drive out to Harrisvile was a little difficult. It reduced our vendor pool significantly. But with this, meant we had only the most incredibly dedicated vendors left!

Photographer: Match Made Photography

We didn’t have a hairdresser until about 2 days before the shoot when our makeup artist volunteered to wake up that little bit earlier to do hair as well. She absolutely saved the day!

The morning of the shoot was a 1:30am wake up to allow for the drive out, hair and makeup and setup. Sunrise was scheduled for 5:00am. Seems like more than enough time. Let me tell you, the pressure was on! Thankfully, we had the absolute dream team on the day and our models were mounting camels in the freezing temperatures at 4:58am.

We had 4 scenes to shoot, the couple on camels, our tipi picnic setup, the arbour and our cake cutting scene. We were hoping to get as many of those shot with as much of the sunrise as possible.

The first glimpses of sunrise over the mountains came at about 4:50am, I was running around the camel farm pushing everyone to move even faster than they already were. This is a big ask when it’s 5am and everyone’s running on minimal sleep and setting up with head torches. But again – dream team right.

Our models rode off on their camels, the photographer following behind and I was off to check on the other sets. We had to battle helmet hair, no heels on the camel, reigns and handlers being in the shots. Cherrod did an incredible job only capturing what we wanted to see. We had a few camels sit down mid shoot, but I guess it’s similar to shooting with toddlers?

Photographer: Match Made Photography

As the models and photographer reached the paddock and got into position, the sun started to peak over the top of the mountain range. Even writing this, I still get goose bumps thinking about that moment. Despite the 101 things I still needed to do, I took a second to look over at the paddock and watch the magic happen. Those shots of the couple on the camel with the sunrise are still absolutely my favourite – and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to beat them.

The shoot ran perfectly! Better than I could have ever asked for. Especially as the first one under Forever A Moment Events. As Cherrod and the models were shooting one scene, I was working with the team to get our next scene ready for them to move over. We were trying to move as quickly as we could to ensure we got as much of that spectacular sunrise as we could in each of the shoots.

Photographer: Match Made Photography

We even finished 20 minutes before our run sheet. We were so incredibly fortunate, the weather was amazing, the sunrise was perfect, the camels behaved, the vendors I guess you could say behaved too! The Summer Land Camel trainers commented on how they hadn’t been a part of such a smooth shoot before.

After the shoot was done, my work was far from done. The next day I spent 5 hours dropping back the suit, the dress, the florals and the cake. What an absolute mission that was.

Photographer: Match Made Photography

Cherrod, then got straight onto editing and I saw few sneak peaks a few days later. All I wanted to do was post them everywhere. I was like a kid the night before Christmas. Unfortunately, the rules of submission mean you need to keep it to yourself until the great unveiling if you’re lucky enough to be published.

Our first location to submit to was The Aisle. They picked it up over-night and had it published by the end of the week. Again another testament to the dream team that worked on this shoot!

Photographer: Match Made Photography

If you are reading this as an upcoming bride or groom and thinking that you may want camels in your wedding, or have a boho inspired vision reach out. I have an absolute passion for this theme and would love to help recreate it for your big day.

Thats a wrap on this shoot! Keep your eyes peeled though for the next styled shoot to be published on the blog very soon.

If you're still looking for a photographer for your event, you can also check out more of Cherrod's work on her website:

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