Mid Century Modern Shoot

MCM Shoot

Well 2020 was a big year for Forever A Moment Events. Not only launching, but also jumping head first into styled shoots. We planned and styled 3 shoots over the space of our first 4 months in operation, which was an incredible feat. We were fortunate enough to have all 3 published and featured across The Wedding Playbook, Polka Dot Bride and To The Aisle. Something both myself and each of the vendors involved in the shoots are incredibly proud of.

Our last shoot of the year was a Mid Century modern inspired shoot set at Sandstone Point Hotel. The inspiration of the shoot came from finding a sunburst style arbour from a Mid Century Modern hire company based out of the Sunshine Coast. This arbour then became the signature piece for the shoot, with it appearing throughout many elements including the stationery, cake, name cards and ring design.

Like I have mentioned in my previous shoot blogs, I always like to find that one element within the shoot that becomes the Forever Moment. The one that resonates with you long after. In this instance, the Forever Moment for me has to be a toss-up between the arbour shots in the greenery outside Sandstone Point hotel, or the bright vibrant blue and orange colour palette. Overall, I think it is the colour and brightness of this shoot that makes it stick out as a one of a kind.

This shoot had many moving parts and the greatest number of suppliers compared to the Camel Shoot and the Nautical Shoot. This was due to the tablespace being styled by Forever A Moment Events which meant, we had to find suppliers for each element on the table. We also made the decision to have our model do an outfit change half way through which meant more suppliers again.

The shoot colours were picked early on. They fit that perfect Mid Century vibe, but also with a fun and bright twist. They are also colours that when you google wedding don’t often come up. That’s one thing I love about styled shoots. You can essentially pull together whatever you would like, whilst letting your creativity run free. Most brides won’t opt for a blue and orange colour palette, but it gave us a chance to do so.

It took a few weeks to put together the mood board for this one and stick to it. We originally actually started with an organic shoot after we found a new venue in the Sunshine Coast that seemed exciting. After doing a site visit one day on the way to an event, I realised pretty quickly that the shoot would very easily turn into your typical organic shoot in green rolling hills, that we have all seen many times before. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these shoots, and some of them are spectacular in their own way, but each are missing that Forever Moment and wow factor that I love to have in my shoots.

This meant we started to move more towards the Mid Century route bringing in some more of these elements, but again, even as we incorporated more of the Mid Century vibe, I felt it wasn’t doing justice to the fun and playfulness of the era. We were still bound by the rules of the organic style shoot. As the vision grew and changed into what you see in the photos today, the decision was therefore made that the venue wasn’t right.

After some serious hunting for a more 50’s style location, we came across Sandstone point hotel. In particular, it’s outdoor chapel and the modern but old elements that popped up throughout the venue. After a site visit and meeting with the venue coordinator, the site was quickly locked in. The venue were more than accommodating with anything we needed and offered to do some food for the shoot so we can get shots of that too.

The rest of the vendors were quickly confirmed and all of a sudden the shoot was off. Trying to find each element that matched in with the shoot, meant there were a lot of vendors on board, as no vendor was a one stop shop. Linen was flown in from Melbourne, décor items travelled from the Gold Coast, and the name cards were painstakingly handmade to get the desired look.

The actual shoot day was great! It was busy as always, but great fun. Our biggest hurdle, was the size of the hotel and the fact we wanted to use so many different areas of the hotel to capture our vision. We also had to tackle the fact our reception table was due to be setup in the outdoor church, but food could not be delivered there. This meant two reception tables were set, one was set for 4 people in the restaurant area of the hotel so food could be bought straight out. This one was quickly packed down and everything moved into the chapel where our proper 12 person table was setup for photos.

By the end of the day, everyone had absolutely put their all into it. There was nothing left in our tanks as we began a mammoth pack down. I drove away from Sandstone Point as the sun was beginning to set. A sign of a massive shoot day! But another very worthwhile shoot.

The photos that came back at the end were beautiful with incredible pops of colour throughout and hints of the Mid Century vibe with a modern twist we were aiming for. All in all the shoot was a great success and I couldn’t be happier with the photos that came from it!

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