Do I Really Need a Planner?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

A wedding and event planner can often be one of the first things to be cut from the budget and it often seems like the best and easiest way to save money. For a lot of people just starting to plan their event, especially if it’s the first time you’ve done anything along these lines, it will feel like an unnecessary expense. Why would you pay someone else to do something that you can easily do?

I know I’ve heard it all before! I also can understand where these brides and grooms are coming from. Truth is though, you don’t know what you don’t know. That couldn’t be more of the truth than when it comes to Wedding Planning. What seems like such a manageable task to start with, can soon become incredibly overwhelming, when you are trying to manage the planning on your own.

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I know it seems counter intuitive to pay someone to save you money, why not just do it yourself and save? The simple answer is experience. We’ve done it all before, we have the contacts to make sure you get the best deals, we know what to say and how to press to bring home the bargains. Not only that, but it is a little known secret that a lot of vendors and suppliers in the industry offer sweet little discounts to us industry folk. This can be anywhere from 5% - 30% just by going through an event planner. I pass these discounts directly onto my clients!

Not only do we get the sweet industry discounts, but we also know who the expensive suppliers are in the market after a lot of time dealing with them all.

Know How

Like I mentioned before, we’ve done it all many times before! We know what florals look best down the aisle, which supplier is likely to not show up on the day, we know who’s got a better tasing cake. There’s not much we haven’t seen before, and if we haven’t we ask our colleagues!

Make the most of this know-how! There’s nothing worse than envisioning what your cake is going to look like, only to get something not even close. No one wants a side by side internet meme comparison of what you expected versus what you got.

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Did you know planning a wedding can take anywhere from 100 plus hours! That’s nearly 3 weeks of full time work just on planning a wedding. For most of us, we don’t typically have 100 hours sitting around spare. Every hour that you spend planning your wedding, is one less hour spent with family, friends and more importantly, your fiancé!

Trust me it gets worse as you get closer to your big day as well, it almost feels like in the last few weeks before the wedding that those 100 hours are jammed into 2 weeks.


I think this one is the most important issue that I like to talk to my couples about when they’re considering a planner. Stress takes a serious toll on our bodies and our relationships, whether we like it or not.

Planning a wedding can certainly be stressful! Regardless of how organised you are or how much time you have. It is going to be stressful. It’s a day you’ve thought about your entire life and you naturally want every single second to be perfect. But that level of perfection comes with a toll.

Stress about making sure the day goes smoothly; is there anything you have missed; what if you chose dodgy suppliers; what if the dress doesn’t fit; what if Grandma can’t make it last minute? All of these questions that constantly spiral around in your head causing stress.

No one wants to be a bridezilla, but it happens so easily. I’ve seen the nicest brides and grooms turn a little wild with the amount of stress that comes from pulling off such a big event. I’ve also seen some relationships fall apart because of the stress.

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A wedding planner takes this all away, there’s nothing to scream about when the planner has it covered. Don’t worry about forgetting anything, we’ve done this so many times our checklists have checklists to make sure we don’t miss anything.

It’s like anything, we hire professionals for a lot of things. Accountants to do our tax returns, hairdressers to cut our hair, and mortgage brokers to help us find the best mortgage packages. We hire them all because of their industry knowhow and because we know they’re going to do a better job than us, faster and save us money on our tax return, or make sure you get the best deal on your mortgage, plus no one wants a lop-sided hair cut! It’s no different to hiring a wedding planner! Utilise all our industry knowledge and contacts to ensure your beautiful day runs perfectly and within budget.

If you are thinking a planner might be the route for you, whether it’s for a small styling job, on the day co-ordination or planning everything from day one reach out! We offer free consults to any happy couple just to have a chat. Send us an email at

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