What's Staying and What's Going in 2021?

What’s hot and what’s not is always a topic up for debate as each new year rolls around. For some people what’s on trend will dictate some or all aspects of their big day. For others, what’s on trend won’t affect any part of it as they do their own thing.

I was lucky enough to speak on a panel of industry experts in December to discuss the upcoming trends that we each saw within the Wedding industry for 2021. Here's a small recap of what the pro's had to say.

When looking forward to the next year it’s always hard to tell what’s in store. I can guarantee this time last year none of us were factoring in the roller coaster that has been COVID. Yet here we are!

After what I have seen in the last few months and what clients are booking in for their events early next year. There’s certainly a few ‘trends’ if you will emerging. Some I’m really excited for, some not so much.

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The good news for all those DIY brides out there, on the day coordination is well and truly here to stay. I’m finding that after everyone got essentially 6 months to sit at home and plan their dream wedding, they’ve done so! Not to mention, by the time you’ve rescheduled for the third time, you’re pretty all over the intimate details of exactly what you want and how you’re going to get it.

This doesn’t make the actual day an easier or less stressful though and this is where Coordination comes in. On The Day coordination, has been one of my most requested packages over the last few weeks. The idea behind coordination is to take the stress away from you on the day.

My packages involve me contacting all of your suppliers the week of the event to make sure they have no issues and know where they are going and to introduce myself. From this information, I pull together a detailed runsheet for you and your suppliers that details all the little notes that are buzzing in your head. Such as move the arbour from the ceremony to reception after photos, or don’t forget to play this song when we cut the cake.

From there, I arrive on the day and run the operation. Making sure your supplies arrive when they should and place things down where they should. Making sure the right music plays as you walk down the aisle, making sure you always have a drink in your hand. It’s the little touches that make my coordination package that much more special.

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It’s the perks of having a wedding planner on the day, without the expense of having a wedding planner in the lead up to the event.

In terms of styling, a huge trend that I see continuing into 2021 is the rustic boho trend! This one is all about the red and neutral palettes. With some rugs, dried florals and all things nudes as your inspiration. This trend really took off in 2020 due to its simplistic and easily replicable nature. The perk of following a trend like this is that supply for styling items is abundant. Just type rustic wedding into google and you’ll find so many results you won’t know where to start.

Styling rental boutiques have everything you need from the floral arrangements already done, to full packages that include everything you may need to style your big day.

If you’re thinking of going something rustic, check out one of our previous blog posts that talks all about our rustic boho camel shoot we did earlier in the year. It might help give you some inspo!

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I want to round this blog out with a trend that I personally would like to see stay in 2020. This trend is the overdone organic look. This trend we have seen so many times throughout 2020, but unlike the rustic look, is often just a copy and paste replica seen over and over. It’s often a white colour palette with an exposed buttercream cake, a picnic of sorts and some fairy lights. To me it screams been there done that.

When I create my styling proposals, I love to always include an element of surprise, or something that hasn’t been seen or done before. Maybe that is incorporating both organic + rustic into one day – who knows?

Finally, a trend I would love to see come back in styling is colour! Rustic and organic, as I have said have been so popular this year and both involve very muted colour palettes. Let’s bring back the colour! Why wait for spring as well? Jump in now, whilst the summer colours are still popping.

Let's all hope 2021 is a great year for the events industry, it's already shaping up to be an exciting one and we can't wait!

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